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  • Certified Personal Training Program
  • Any 2 Specializations ($899 or less)

Total Value: $5,195 You Pay: $2,199Or $183/mo



Starting at: $5,195 You Pay: $2,199 | $118/month

What is the NASM
Build-Your-Own Bundle?

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Every trainer is different, and we all have different goals. Maybe you want to work with elite athletes or concentrate on sports nutrition? Maybe you want to specialize in corrective exercise or build a clientele around younger or older clients?

No matter what career path you have in mind, you can create your own, customized program and save thousands of dollars with this exclusive, limited-time offer.

Simply call 1-800-460-6276 and speak with one of our expert Program Advisors. Based on your learning preferences and your career goals, they will help you pick the personal training program of your choice, plus 2 specializations ($899 or less) that match up with the area of focus that best suits your goals.

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No interest. No credit check. No fees.

Trainer Testimonials

Nolan Hyland Review 5 stars

"There's a lot of different certification companies out there, but there's only one NASM. In terms of research and being the foremost leader in the fitness industry, no one can compare."

Nolan Hyland


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Tony Ambler-Wright Review 5 stars

"I could probably say that I owe my career and where I'm at today to the Corrective Exercise Specialization . By implementing the assessments, programming, and solutions that I learned through the CES program, it allowed me to work with a wide variety of clients that I might not have been able to work with and help achieve their goals otherwise."

Tony Ambler-Wright

MS, NASM Master Instructor

James Llamas review 5 stars

"You can do all the right things physically, and if you're not right nutritionally, it's a pretty uphill battle from there. Nutrition is also really key because, diet and exercise, those are the two components to being healthy."

James Llamas


Rick Richey review 5 stars

"I know when I first started training with the CES, that's when my business picked up and I started getting a lot more clients and a lot of people that I wouldn't have normally seen. I wanted to train a lot of the athletic folks, and it's been amazing that even with elite athletes that I've trained, I do more of corrective exercise with them than probably almost anything else."

Rick Richey

Co-Founder at RēCOVER, owner of Independent Training Spot and NASM Master Instructor

Mike Fantagrassi Review 5 stars

"I'm very passionate about the Corrective Exercise Specialist because it's something that helped propel my career. In 2006 that's when I was exposed to the NASM corrective exercise specialization. I went through the course and it really transformed my business as a trainer. I became a lot busier because I knew I could work with a wider variety of clients. But on a personal level it helped me. I wasn't moving that great. I was in my early 30s, and I had some pain in my hip and also my shoulders from lifting heavy. And by following the protocols in the program I felt better. I became very passionate about corrective exercise, and I help teach other people how to get this as well."

Mike Fantigrassi

Sr. Director Product Development, NASM

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