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Get the latest insight and expert advice on all things fitness and wellness with our lineup of in-depth podcasts. Join some of the industry’s top minds and influential trainers, nutrition coaches, wellness coaches, and group fitness instructors as they break down what’s trending and what you need to know to sharpen your knowledge.

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Peak Physique Podcast

Host: Andre Adams

NASM is pleased to unveil our newest podcast addition to our Network featuring host, NASM Master Trainer, and IFBB Olympian Physique Athlete, Andre Adams.

You will enhance your knowledge and gains with Andre Adams, as he shares evidence, anecdotes, and insights from notable figures in the scientific and bodybuilding communities.

Listen to the Peak Physique Podcast here.

andre adams podcast

Featured Episode: "Tips for Chest Development"

On this episode of the “Peak Physique Podcast,” host Andre Adams explores several fundamentals of Chest Development training including exercise selection, pectoral anatomy, personal experience and some recent studies that just might shock you!

NASM-CPT Podcast

Host: Rick Richey

Thinking about starting a career as a personal trainer? Already a fitness professional, but looking to plug into the latest industry insight? Join NASM Master Instructor Rick Richey as he takes listeners on an informative and engaging journey to help establish a solid foundation in your fitness career.

You’ll hear one-on-one chats with some of the industry’s best trainers and influencers, helping you to get a well-rounded perspective on what’s new, what’s old, and what you need to know.

Listen to the NASM-CPT Podcast here.

rick richey podcast

Featured Episode: "Best Exercise for Fat Loss"

This episode focuses on programming to assist fitness professions in helping their clients achieve this goal, as well as improve their overall health.

NASM Master Instructor Roundtable - A Show for Certified Personal Trainers

Hosts: Marty Miller & Wendy Batts

Get expert takes on everything from training techniques to fitness trends to how you can build better programming for your clients. Every week, NASM Master Instructors Marty Miller and Wendy Batts explore what you need to know to build on your fitness foundation, helping to make you a more well-rounded and in-the-know fitness professional. Pick up quality tips and tricks and see how you can reach your clients in new ways!

Listen to the NASM Master Instructor Roundtable here.

Master Trainer Roundtable podcast image with Marty Miller and Wendy Batts

Featured Episode: "Getting Clients Interested in Your Services"

On this “Master Instructor Roundtable,” hosts, and NASM Regional Master Instructors, Marty Miller, and Wendy Batts, explore ways to assess clients and teach them why they need your help to hit their goals. They also discuss how to sell your services based on your findings without seeming like a "pushy salesperson."

Random Fit - Powered by NASM

Hosts: Ken Miller & Wendy Batts

Did you realize in many scenarios fitness overlaps pop culture and the “real world?” Here on Random Fit, hosts Ken Miller and Wendy Batts explore all the unique and, at times, unexpected places health and wellness intersects with pop culture, as well as in movies, music videos, the news, and many other unexpected places.

They add their own unique perspective with some humor along the way, helping you to look at fitness and a career in the industry in a refreshing and personable way.

Listen to Random Fit here.

Random Fit podcast image with Ken and Wendy

Featured Episode: "Finding Your Perfect Gym"

In this episode of “Random Fit,” hosts Wendy Batts, and Ken Miller, dive into the nitty-gritty of finding your perfect gym.

Strong Mind, Strong Body - A Fitness and Wellness Podcast with Angie Miller

Host: Angie Miller

As fitness professionals, we sometimes need a reminder that internal strength is just as important as external power. To highlight this, host Angie Miller, NASM Master Instructor and health therapist, discusses how to best balance and enhance both of these important facets. You’ll hear about ways you can enhance your mind while overcoming challenges that might be getting in the way of your day-to-day living, including work, working out, family, and more.

Listen to Strong Mind Strong Body here.

Strong Mind Strong Body podcast image with Angie Miller

Featured Episode: "Are You Being Too Honest?"

In this episode of “Strong Mind, Strong Body,” host Angie Miller guides you through the complexities and consequences of brutal honesty, the emotional toll, and the potential impact on relationships.

Better Than Fine

Hosts: Darlene Marshall

Fitness is more than just about lifting weights or running faster. What’s going on inside the body is just as important as what you’re doing with it on the outside. To help you strengthen your mind as well as your body, join host Darlene Marshall, NASM-CPT and NASM-CWC, as she blends science-backed strategies with traditional wisdom so you can build your vitality-driven life. It's time to be better than fine.

Listen to Better Than Fine here.

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Featured Episode: "Jodi Wellman: Memento Mori & 4,000 Mondays"

On this episode of “Better Than Fine,” host Darlene Marshall is joined by featured guest, coach and speaker, Jodi Wellman. Jodi had one of the top TEDx talks of 2022, and her award-winning research focuses on how contemplating death can spark you to live a more full, vibrant, and connected life.