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The NASM Podcast Network

Keep on the cutting edge of fitness in your spare time with our in-depth podcasts. Each episode is led by top industry trainers and wellness professionals who share the latest discoveries to help you sharpen your fitness knowledge and skills.

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NASM-CPT Podcast

Host: Rick Richey

If you’re a Certified Personal Trainer (or on the path to becoming one), this is the podcast for you.

Tune in with NASM Master Instructor Rick Richey as he dives deep into many different aspects of the fitness industry with one goal: to help you build a strong foundation for your fitness career, and to keep you updated on the latest and most important developments that fitness pros need to know.

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rick richey podcast

Featured Episode: "Dynamic Postural Assessments: Arms Fall Forward"

Host, and NASM Master Instructor, Rick Richey, goes straight to the CPT-7 textbook to explore what can make the arms fall forward in an overhead squat assessment, including several under active muscles.

NASM Master Instructor Roundtable - A Show for Certified Personal Trainers

Hosts: Marty Miller & Wendy Batts

Whether you’re studying for your CPT exam, an early-career trainer, or an experienced fitness professional, you’re sure to come away from every episode of the Master Instructor Roundtable with actional nuggets of personal training wisdom.

NASM Master Instructors Marty Miller and Wendy Batts will share everything from training techniques to fitness trends and more, with the goal of helping you develop into a more well-rounded fitness expert.

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Featured Episode: "Dynamic Postural Assessments: Head Juts Forward"

Host, and NASM Master Instructor, Rick Richey, explores what is causes this unwanted movement in workouts, what muscles could be short, tight, or overactive, as well as which ones can help keep the head in neutral position, including the chin tuck position.

Strong Mind, Strong Body - A Fitness and Wellness Podcast with Angie Miller

Host: Angie Miller

Your mental health is every bit as important as your physical health, but in today’s go-go-go world, it often takes a backseat. NASM Master Instructor and health therapist Angie Miller is out to change that.

In Strong Mind, Strong Body, join her as she shares strategies to help you balance and improve both aspects of your well-being. You’ll learn strategies to help stop stress, overcome procrastination, avoid burnout, and so much more, so you can be stronger inside and out.

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Strong Mind Strong Body podcast image with Angie Miller

Featured Episode: "Stress Less, Stay Calm"

On this “Strong Mind, Strong Body,” join host Angie Miller as she explores the keys to managing stress and maintaining tranquility in the chaos of everyday life.

Random Fit - Powered by NASM

Hosts: Ken Miller & Wendy Batts

In the Random Fit podcast, you’ll join NASM Master Instructors Ken Miller and Wendy Batts as they explore the many fascinating interesting intersections between fitness and pop culture.

Want to find out how realistic movie training montages are, the risks and benefits of new fitness trends, and whether “As Seen on TV” workout equipment really works? With so many random fitness questions out there, you need a random fitness podcast to help you find the answers you’re looking for.

Want to follow in Wendy’s footsteps? Check out her NASM product recommendations.

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Random Fit podcast image with Ken and Wendy

Featured Episode: "Fit Fuel"

On this episode of “Random Fit,” hosts, and NASM Master Instructors, Wendy Batts, and Ken Miller, dive into the topic of exercising on an empty stomach – a practice that has sparked both curiosity and debate among fitness enthusiasts.

Better Than Fine

Hosts: Darlene Marshall

As fitness professionals, we tend to focus on the “physical” component of health. But wellness includes much more, such as our mental, emotional, and social wellness.

In the Better Than Fine podcast, Certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach Darlene Marshall provides inspiring and enlightening strategies to help you achieve better well-being in every aspect of your life.

Want to follow in Darlene’s footsteps? Check out her favorite NASM courses.

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Featured Episode: "Keys to a Wellbeing Mindset"

On this episode of the “Better Than Fine” podcast, host Darlene Marshall shares four of the key principles that can help you live a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life.

Peak Physique Podcast

Host: Andre Adams

Join NASM Master Trainer and IFBB Olympian Physique Athlete Andre Adams as he shares insider tips, new developments, and winning strategies from top performers in the bodybuilding community.

If your goal is to achieve a chiseled and muscular physique—or to help your clients achieve one—then let the Peak Physique Podcast become your secret weapon to better results.

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andre adams podcast

Featured Episode: "Best Pre & Post Workout Nutrition for Bodybuilders"

On this episode of the “Peak Physique Podcast,” host, and IFBB Professional Bodybuilder, Andre Adams, explores the best practices to achieve maximum hypertrophy for bodybuilding and optimizing nutrition.

Mindful Drinking

Host: Derek Brown, NASM CWC

How should a health-conscious fitness professional approach the consumption of alcohol? That’s the question that NASM Certified Wellness Coach and Imbibe’s “Bartender of the Year” Derek Brown tackles in each episode of The Mindful Drinking Podcast.

Derek has been recognized by Imbibe Magazine as one of the most inspirational people in the Mindful Drinking space, which is the growing movement normalizing no-alcohol and low-alcohol lifestyles. Tune in as Derek inspires and empowers you with strategies to help you make more intentional choices about how you drink (or don’t).

Listen to the Mindful Drinking Podcast.

mindful drinking podcast

Featured Episode: "What is Mindful Drinking?"

On this premiere episode, Derek, a former bartender turned wellness coach, shares the story of how he became a mindful drinker, including some of the truly powerful moments that shaped his relationship to alcohol. He defines what mindful drinking is and how you don’t necessarily have to quit drinking alcohol to do it.